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Spring 5-6-1942


Many of the ties that used to bind the home and school are gone. The home and the school no longer have the feeling of intimacy that prevailed between them two hundred years ago. In the early American schools it was possible for the teacher to know the parents of nearly every child in the school room. Since this possibility no longer exists in the same degree, some link must be evolved to connect both the home and the school; some method to take the place of meetings on the street or conversations after prayer meeting must be organized to keep the school in touch with the home. The medium that is performing this duty in the schools today is the report card. It is the report card that must give a concise picture of what the children are doing in school, what the school is offering, and what progress the child is making.

It is the purpose of this study to make critical analysis of the report cards used in the State of New Mexico, from the best practices, to assemble material for a report card suitable for use throughout the entire state.


Report Cards, New Mexico Schools, Elementary Education

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Teacher Education, Educational Leadership & Policy

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