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Fall 12-1-2022



This empirical study uncovered Thai English as a Foreign Language (EFL) writer identity construction and revealed how Thai culture plays a role in the development using a sociocultural perspective. Data collection for analysis includes interviews with nine Thai college students, a group interview, English writing essays, and artifacts they provided throughout a 15-week English writing course. The focus of this study was to gain insight into the phenomenon of identity construction among EFL writers from perceptions of their lived experiences.

Based on the description of identity development, the research findings focus on two different ways the participants perceived their experience. The first group elucidated it as a process in which their identity develops over time. The second group illustrated their writer identity construction using metaphors. The research findings from both groups indicated that the participants experienced identity conflict, expansion, and reconstruction as they negotiated between their multiple selves. In addition, Thai semi-collectivist culture plays a role in constructing their writer identities at the macro and micro levels. The participants’ collectivist mindsets, which developed through lived experiences, filtered their perceptions of who they are and how they approach writing. This study discovered that the Thai culture provides the participants with an essential foundation for constructing their writer identities by creating a sense of group identity or joint ownership and authority over arguments in their texts. Ultimately, this study contributed significantly to teaching English as a Foreign language, relating to social and cultural aspects in Thailand and other similar EFL settings.


L2 Writer Identity, English Writing, Metaphor, EFL Students, Thai Students, Thai Culture

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Language, Literacy and Sociocultural Studies

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Language, Literacy, and Sociocultural Studies

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