Language, Literacy, and Sociocultural Studies ETDs

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Spring 5-15-2021


The purpose of this qualitative Self-Study of Teacher Education Practices was to explore and tell a personalized account of myself as an instructional coach striving for culturally responsive pedagogical practices through multicultural literature in pre-kindergarten through sixth grade classrooms. Two research questions were designed to address this autoethnographic exploration. Research Question 1 was: What tensions do I experience as a living contradiction in the work as an instructional coach for elementary teachers of diverse learners who need culturally responsive literacy instruction? Research Question 2 was: How do my personal understandings of these tensions honor my commitment to enlarging teachers’ culturally responsive pedagogical practices through the use of multicultural children’s literature in their classrooms? Metaphorical data analysis included four phases through four different data collection artifacts. Five different findings paralleled the two research questions: time, resources, professional development/meetings, multiple coaching models, and resistance. I concluded the tensions to the living contradiction outlined in this study ensured my self-commitment to my role as an instructional coach and culturally responsive practices in elementary spaces.

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Language, Literacy and Sociocultural Studies

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Dr. Mary Rice

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Dr. Rick Meyer

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Ashley Dall'acqua

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Dr. Rebecca Sanchez