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The purpose of the study was to ascertain the effects of self-disclosure in group settings, on the social adjustment of delinquent girls, aged 12 to 18. Sixty subjects, consisting of adjudicated, institutionalized, adolescent girls were used in the study. Three groups were formed, with twenty members in each group. Group I engaged in self-disclosive guided group activities. These subjects were encouraged to tell the true stories of their lives. Group II engaged in pseudo-self-disclosive guided group activities. Pseudo-self-disclosure was promoted by telling the subjects to tell a make-believe story of their lives, and to make it sound as real as they could, but not to tell their true life stories. The subjects were told that the purpose for telling the stories was to ''assess the subject's originality and inventiveness in story telling." Both groups were under the direction of experienced counselors and participated one hour a week for ten weeks. Group III was a control group. There was no treatment variable for the control group.

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