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Fall 11-14-2018


Burns cause massive dermal wounds. Wound healing elicits a significant catabolic response and increase in energy expenditure, and thus, calorie needs. Overfeeding and/or underfeeding the overweight and obese critically ill patient can increase complications. Indirect Calorimetry (IC) is considered the ‘gold standard” for the measurement of Energy Expenditure (EE). Predictive equations are calculated to estimate EE instead. This study is a retrospective chart review. The difference between predictive energy expenditure (via Curreri formula) and measured IC were analyzed via non-parametric Wilcoxon signed rank match paired tests. Curreri equation prediction was analyzed on the ability to match IC (0% over or under prediction). A total of 13 participants met inclusion criteria. The Curreri equation showed a mean overprediction of 29% using actual body weight, 10% for ideal body weight and 2% for adjusted ideal body weight (obese only). More research with larger sample sizes is needed to further determine if the use of ideal body weight in the Curreri predictive equation will reduce significant over prediction and therefore overfeeding of energy.


Burn, Critical Care, Nutrition, Energy Expenditure, Indirect Calorimetry, ICU

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Individual, Family, and Community Education

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