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It is the purpose of this thesis to propose a course outline in dance for recreation majors so that they will be more fully qualified to serve the public and so that they may incorporate dance more fully into recreation programs.


In searching out materials for a dance course outline the following procedures were used:

A. Review of the Literature: The review of the literature consists of a survey of dance books which should serve as texts and reference materials for the proposed course.

B. Informal Interviews: Discussions were held with people who are related to the dance field.

C. The Taking of Dance Courses and Their Evaluation (modern, folk, social and square dance courses)

D. The Writing of Letters and Their Evaluation: Letters were written to all the universities in the United States which offer degrees in recreation inquiring the amount and type of dance courses that recreation majors take.

A Proposal for a Dance Course Outline for Recreation Majors

Using the above procedures the proposed course outline was developed, consisting of seven major units.

Unit I Philosophy and History of Dance, and Principles of Effective Group Organization

Unit II Contemporary Dance

Unit III Folk Dance

Unit IV Western Square Dance, Round Dance, and Mixers and Ice Breakers

Unit V Ballroom Dance

Unit VI Ethnic Dance

Unit VII Children's Dance


The author feels that the proposed course outline is comprehensive and worthwhile because it provides the recreation student with:

I. Knowledge of dance: its definition, history and philosophy

II. Knowledge of different forms of dance

III. Knowledge of teaching methods and procedures

IV. Knowledge of where to find dance resource materials

V. Actual teaching and leadership responsibilities

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