National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Regulatory Notice and Comment Periods [dataset]


David Cavazos

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The data represents one of several projects examining the federal regulatory rulemaking process and its intersection with agency strategy, corporate and media influence, and judicial review. The data was collected with the intent of assessing agency and corporate activity within the context of their interaction across multiple regulatory notice and comment periods. The additional influence of media coverage and its impact on agency and corporate interaction was also assessed. Whereas the regulatory notice and comment process has commonly been a focus of public administration research, this particular study is unique in accounting for media influence on the frequency of corporate or industry comments together with their ultimate impact on regulatory outcomes.

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Associated Publications

Cavazos, D. E. (2007). Capturing the Regulatory Rule-Making Process: How Historical Antecedents of US Regulatory Agencies Impact Industry Conditions. International Journal of Organizational Analysis, 15(2).

Cavazos, D. E., & Rutherford, M. A. (2012). Bringing Regulatory Agencies Into Organizational Studies: Broadening the Lens Used to Examine the State. Journal of Management Inquiry, 21(4), 4-12. doi:10.1177/1056492611418759

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