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At regional scales, satellite-based sensors are the primary source of information to study the earths environment, as they provide the needed dynamic temporal view of the earth's surface. Raw satellite orbit data have to be processed and mapped into a standard projection to produce multitemporal data sets which can then be used for regional or global earth science studies. In this paper, we describe a software system Kronos for the generation of custom-tailored data products from the Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer (AVHRR) sensor. Kronos allows the generation of a rich set of products that can be easily specified through a Java interface by scientists wishing to carry out earth system modeling or analysis based on AVHRR Global Area Coverage (GAC) data. Kronos is based on a flexible methodology and consists of four major components: ingest and preprocessing, indexing and storage, search and processing engine, and a Java interface. We illustrate the power of our methodology by including a few special data products generated by Kronos.'