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Modeling human behavior in computer simulations and games is a subject which draws considerable attention. Despite the increased realism of graphics in games, poor modeling of non-player characters AI often leads to a shallow and unfulfilling game experience. Recently there has been increased focus on more sophisticated AI routines which have been used in both academic and commercial games. Emotion, however, is often ignored despite being an essential element of human behavior especially under stressful conditions. Research into the use of emotion in agent-based systems seems more concerned with how to convey the emotions of agents to the human player, or how to elicit an emotional response from the human player. Only recently has there been research on modeling emotions in combat simulators. This thesis will describe an emotional model suitable for most computer games which was adapted from the DETT model and significantly expanded'


A technical report based on Mr. Campisi's masters thesis, addressing a new model of computer game AI emotions.