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Fall 12-16-2021


The resolution limit of optical microscopy can be extended by using Imaging Interferometric Microscopy (IIM), which uses a low numerical aperture (NA) objective lens to achieve resolution equivalent to that of a high-NA objective lens with multiple sub-images. Along with the resolution enhancement challenge, IIM often suffers from poor image quality. In this dissertation, several image quality improvement methods are proposed and verified with simulation and experimental results. Next, techniques to extend the resolution limit of IIM to ≤ 100nm using a low-NA objective lens are demonstrated. An experimental technique of using a grating coupler on a planar waveguide is also demonstrated to extend the resolution limit of IIM. Lastly, the capability of IIM is demonstrated by imaging arbitrary structures in a biological sample where a resolution of ≤ 300nm is achieved. This extended resolution of IIM with high image quality will be helpful in optical metrology and biological research.


Optical Microscopy, Image Processing, Signal Processing, Optical Imaging, Metrology, Nanofabrication


National Science Foundation (NSF)

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Electrical Engineering

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Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Prof. Steven R. J. Brueck

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Prof. Ramiro Jordan

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Prof. Keith Lidke

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Prof. Tonmoy Chakraborty