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Summer 7-15-2020


The rapid development of high performance computing has pushed the computational electromagnetic(CEM) towards high accuracy, high fidelity and extreme computational scales. There is a great need for existing CEM solvers to have enhanced parallelism and scaling capability. The purpose of this dissertation is to investigate advanced parallel algorithms for both frequency and time domain solvers.

In frequency domain, this work first develop the underpinnings of parallel preconditioning technique and high-order transmission condition in the context of multi-solver scheme. The result is a computing resource-aware and implementation wise compact solver. Then this work targeted at developing efficient algorithms for cases where iteration of simulations,e.g. parameter sweep, is necessary. The proposed platform Green’s function method can effectively reduce the turn-around time by exploiting reusable matrices.

In time domain, due to the ever-increasing sophistication in EM systems, a typical transient simulation may require many time steps. Most current transient solvers exploit parallelism in spatial domain which it is not trivial to sustain parallel scaling capability in high level. This work,therefore, provided a new perspective in parallelism, parallel-in-time(PIT). The problem is first decomposed based on superposition principle and corresponding effective integration methods are developed. Next, a hybrid parallel scheme, space-time building block method, which is based on reduced order model, is proposed for applications like meta-material simulation. A improved scaling efficiency and 3x speed-up is observed in our work. Finally, PIT is extended to improve scaling efficiency for nonlinear circuit-electromagnetic co-simulations, where 2x better efficiency is achieved by proposed algorithms.


Domain Decomposition, Computational Electromagnetic, Parallel Computing, Green's Function, Transient Analysis, Parallel-in-Time

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Electrical Engineering

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Electrical and Computer Engineering

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