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To meet the requirements of a number of military operations and to facilitate some types of geophysical exploration, it is necessary to communicate between points beneath or at the surface of the earth or of the ocean. This need has led to the investigation of antennas for use in or at the surface of conducting media. The purpose of this paper is to briefly survey the previous work on such antennas, to extend the concepts of effective length and other merit factors to antennas in or near a conducting medium, and to analyze the electrical behavior of the toroid and the parallel-plate antennas.

The analyses to follow were carried out with communication to or between submerged submarines in mind. Frequencies in the VLF or ELF range were considered. However, the results of the analyses were expressed in terms of wavelengths, skin depths, etc., so that the work is also applicable to frequencies other than in the VLF and ELF range and for highly conducting media other than sea water.

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