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This paper contains a study of the electromagnetic fields caused by electric dipoles located within a highly conductive medium such as the sea. The theoretical treatment of this problem was begun in 1951 with Moore's thesis. "The Theory of Radio Communication between Submerged Submarines." Some subsequent major theoretical treatments of this problem have been published by Wait and Campbell, Lien, Banos and Wesley, and Anderson. All of the above work stems from Sommerfeld's classic paper published in 1909 where he considers the fields in the air caused by a vertical electric antenna located on the interface between the air and a finitely conducting earth. Since 1909 there have been many significant contributions, both theoretical and experimental, to the general problem that we will discuss here. For an extensive bibliography, one may refer to those listed in the papers cited above and to Bremmer's monograph on the "Propagation of Electromagnetic Waves".


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