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A compact A6 relativistic magnetron with a simple mode converter for axial TE_11-mode extraction was recently designed at the University of New Mexico. With the standard A6 magnetron operating in the �-mode it is possible to implement a simple mode converter to radiate a TE_11-mode axially through a cylindrical waveguide whose radius is the same as the anode cavity radius. The proposed mode converter implements an anode end cap that electrically opens diametrically opposite cavities that produce an electric field polarization corresponding to that of the of the TE_11-mode in a cylindrical waveguide. The TE_11-mode has a Gaussian-like profile with maximum electric field on axis, and is desirable for applications. In this work an extensive parametric sweep was conducted using the three dimensional particle-in-cell (PIC) code MAGIC to optimize the mode converter design. The cathode used is the transparent cathode with a radius chosen to favor �-mode operation of the magnetron. The trends observed in simulation have been verified experimentally. Simulations showed magnetron operation in π-mode at 2.33 GHz, and the output waveguide mode for these operating conditions was verified to be the TE_11-mode. In experiments performed at approximately the same operating magnetic field a single frequency RF signal at 2.33 GHz was detected. A neon grid used for mode detection confirmed a maximum in the center, which is indicative of the TE_11-mode. The radiated power is in the order of ~100’s of MW.


HPM, Gaussian, High power microwave, A6 relativistic magnetron, magnetron, mode converter, TE11 mode


The research presented in this thesis was supported by ONR Grants N00014-13-1-0565, N00014-15-1-2700, and N00014-16-1-2000, Dr. Joong Kim, Program Officer. "ƒ

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