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Babak Sarlati

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Due to the growth of solar power and the concern regarding its effects on power system because of its intermittency and zero inertia, in this project I am trying to smooth solar power using electrical consumer. The purpose of this project is to absorb PV output fluctuation as much as possible with electrical consumer in buildings such as cooling fan, and to make the overall current draw steadily from the system (consumer + PV output), without fast intermittency. For absorbing PV output intermittency we need a consumer which we can control its usage rapidly and smoothly; a consumer which changing its consumption would not affect the functionality of the device. On this project I am making the building cooling fan to follow the PV output. There are two reason for choosing building fan; first, we can control its speed and by changing its speed we are changing its electrical usage by cubic, and second, the room temperature is not effected by making fan following PV output intermittency.

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Electrical Engineering

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Electrical and Computer Engineering

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