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The research presented here is focused on achieving an active compact RF/Photonic antenna module based on a broadband antenna design integrated with a quantum dot mode-locked laser (QDMLL). A two-section QDMLL is used to produce pulsed microwaves signals to feed the radiating antenna. To realize the microwave signal radiation generated by the QDMLL, several possible MLL-integrated-antennas are proposed. The prototype integrated antenna is fully described, including the design, fabrication, and characterization of the antenna performance. Additionally, this work deals with the improvement of the radiation efficiency and functionality of the integrated module. An impedance matching network is designed to match the QDMLL to a bowtie slot antenna. The RF/Photonic integrated prototype is tested and analyzed over a wide frequency range. Finally a QDMLL-integrated-phased antenna array is designed to achieve beam steering. By manipulating the applied voltage bias of each QDMLL, one can achieve beam steering without the use of external RF phase shifters yielding a more compact design of an RF/photonic antenna on a chip. The 2-element integrated prototype is presented and discussed. Beam-steering is fully demonstrated via both simulation and measurements.


Quantum Dots, Mode Locked Laser, Broad Band Antennas, Integration, Microwave generation, photonics, Phased array antenna, Beamsteering, Reconfigurable, lithography


Air Force Office of Scientific Research

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