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This Thesis provides an analysis of the interaction of electromagnetic pulses with vibrating conducting and dielectric objects. Two-dimensional full-vector Maxwells equations finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) models are employed that include total-field scattered-field incident plane wave source conditions, a frequency domain near-to-far-field transformation, convolutional perfectly matched layer boundary conditions and an advanced surface boundary condition that accommodates the surface perturbations of the vibrating objects. Reflection and diffraction of incident plane waves are calculated for stationary and vibrating objects and the diffraction coefficient for vibrating right-angle corners are obtained. The work of this Thesis may have application to the interaction of radar pulses with buildings having characteristic vibration signatures.'


Electromagnetic pulse, Vibration, Electric displacement, Dielectric devices, Time-domain analysis, Boundary element methods, Structural analysis (Engineering)


United States Department of Energy (award no. DE-FG52-08NA28782), the National Science Foundation (award no. IIS-0813747), Sandia National Laboratories and Selected Professions Fellowship from the American Association of University Women (2009-2010)

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Electrical Engineering

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Electrical and Computer Engineering

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