Purpose/Background: Chronic low back pain is becoming a frequent diagnosis seen by medical professionals and is difficult to treat because it is shown to be a variable, heterogeneous condition, where patients may present differently and respond differently to the same treatments. Postural restoration is a newer treatment approach used by PTs and other sports medicine professionals that looks at changes in polyarticular muscles and joint relationships in patients with various injuries or medical conditions and uses specific positioning during exercises to help return their body to a more neutral state. The aim of this report was to evaluate via evidence-based analysis if myokinematic postural restoration is an effective treatment approach for reducing pain and disability and improving overall function in patients with chronic low back pain? Case Description: A 49-year-old woman was evaluated and treated for chronic LBP. She presented to physical therapy with decreased thoracic, lumbar and hip mobility, decreased general tolerance to activity/specific postures, significant lower back pain, and reduced hip adduction drop. Patient was seen twice, including initial evaluation and full treatment session over 2 week period. Outcomes/ Discussion: A review of current available evidence revealed the limited amount of current peer reviewed research on PRI, including myokinematic PR. PRI is still a new and growing evaluation and treatment approach that looks at the whole body. Eight articles were selected for in-depth analysis, including five on PRI specifically and three that covered concepts within PRI. Analysis revealed utilization of myokinematic PR in patients with LBP of various etiologies had significant positive outcomes in pain, disability and overall function. However, currently there is still a significant limitation in the number of studies and size of the current studies to generalize the results directly to the population as a whole.


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