Background/Purpose: Chronic groin pain is common in athletes and it can be difficult to determine the exact cause of pain and dysfunction. Osteitis pubis is a diagnosis that shares clinical finding with other causes of groin pain such as adductor strain and sportsman's hernia. Osteitis pubis is characterized as a painful overuse injury which involving non infectious inflammation of the pubic symphysis and its surrounding structures. The purpose of this paper is to determine if active treatment is better than passive treatment at reducing pain and increasing activity participation in a female diagnosed with chronic osteitis pubis. Case Description: The patient is a 33 year old female runner with chronic osteitis pubis. Her symptoms started toward the end of her pregnancy in 2012. During her initial physical therapy examination, she complained of pain in her left groin near the attachments of the adductors, a dull achy pain in her mid thoracic spine, and the inability to participate in sporting activities which involved the use of her legs due to exacerbation of symptoms. Outcomes: Interventions such as dry needling were used to reduce muscle dysfunction around the pelvis as well as lower extremity and abdominal stabilization exercises. After five treatments, the patient was still not able to return to running and had some discomfort while performing exercise. However, she did report reduced pain while performing daily activities. Discussion: There is currently no literature which provides an effective rehabilitation program for a female patient with chronic osteitis pubis. Conservative treatment is always tried before surgery is considered. It is important to figure out what mechanism was the cause of osteitis pubis initially. Therefore, it is important to provide an individualized examination and treatment program for each patient with osteitis pubis in order to address their specific dysfunctions.


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Chronic Osteitis Pubis; Pain Reduction; Physical Therapy Modalities

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