Healthcare systems are facing increased pressure to develop their clinical managers’ abilities and competencies leading change. Clinical managers that are equipped with these capabilities can influence greater quality and safety outcomes for patients. Literature and industry findings both strongly suggest that leaders who possess increased self-efficacy are more effective leading change. This is demonstrated at the unit and system level through improved project management, successfully executing strategic initiatives, retaining staff, and being more fiscally responsible. There are significant clinical and business advantages for healthcare systems that foster change management skills for their clinical managers When organizations do not provide support, guidance, and systematic leadership development processes, they are more apt to fail when leading change. This scholarly project focused on designing and implementing an applicable leadership academy, particularly focused on developing change management competencies for clinical managers. This project utilized the Change Acceleration Process as the core framework for content delivery, instructed techniques, and methodology for successfully leading change. During the 8 week academy, participants were surveyed via the General Self-Efficacy Scale (GSE) instrument, a 10 item Likert scale questionnaire which evaluated participants’ self-efficacy. A quantitative, descriptive statistical analysis was conducted that analyzed the GSE results both prior to the participation in the academy, as well as post-participation. Additionally, collected descriptive information contributed demographic information regarding participant Results of the study demonstrated statistical improvements following participation in the academy. Additionally, this study suggested that clinical managers who participate in learning based academies have a greater chance of increasing their self-efficacy. In turn, this can improve the healthcare organization’s care delivery goals, as well their overall business performance.



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nursing empowerment, leadership development, transformative change

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