Effective communication and creating healthy work environments are two significant challenges nursing leaders face daily. When communication is poor and work environments are not healthy, nurses leave organizations, which is costly and disruptive to patients and the organization. The global pandemic caused by the novel coronavirus COVID19 compounded problems related to poor communication and healthy work environments due to cyclic surges in patient volumes and increased spans of control of nursing leaders . Nursing leaders are challenged to find ways to improve communication with frontline nurses and improve work environments. This project implemented a structured rounding tool for nurse leaders to use to communicate with frontline staff nurses. The project aimed to evaluate nursing staff ’s perception of their nurse leaders’ authentic nurse leader qualities and their work environment before and after implementing the structured rounding tool. pre and post survey. The project was a quantitative study that used y data to measure the effect of a nurse leader rounding tool. It provided insight into the challenges faced by nurse managers to support staff nurses and create healthy work environments. Although the intended outcome was not achieved, the processes of the project did identify the need for nurse managers to adapt their leadership during a pandemic to create or maintain meaningful, open communication with their staff nurses and to foster healthy work environments.

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Scholarly Project

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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)