Ankyloglossia, which is characterized by a short, tight or thick lingual frenulum, can negatively impact breastfeeding. It has been recognized as a problem for centuries. Frenotomies have traditionally been performed to remove the lingual frenulum when indicated. The use of frenotomies and a focus on ankyloglossia fell out of favor in the twentieth century with renewed attention in the past several decades. Limited high-quality studies have been undertaken on ankyloglossia. There remains no standardized diagnosis or management recommendations. In efforts to promote a standardized approach that is based on current knowledge, this study will involve an educational in-service on ankyloglossia, and the introduction of an objective assessment tool with associated recommendations for management of ankyloglossia within a pediatric primary care setting. Additionally, provider perceptions of ankyloglossia will be explored.



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Doctor of Nursing (ND)

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Amy Levi

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Felina Ortiz


ankyloglossia, tongue-tie, breastfeeding, frenotomy, lingual frenulum