Dental Hygiene ETDs

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Summer 7-8-2022


The intention of this survey was to examine the value and utilization of dental services during pregnancy, to identify the value being placed on oral health and dental services during pregnancy. Also, to assess if the women received oral health education from obstetric providers. Pregnancy temporarily increases the risk of periodontal diseases, the prevalence of periodontal diseases is very high during pregnancy, 60-75% of women can be affected. Previous literature suggests that poor oral health is linked to adverse pregnancy outcomes such as pre-term births, low birth weights, and pre-eclampsia. Data was obtained and collected using REDCap. Utilizing the collected data, the information provides a descriptive analysis. Across the data, trends can be identified and compared. In conclusion, there is a great value placed on dental services, but the utilization decreases during pregnancy. Not nearly enough women are receiving any oral health education during their prenatal care visits.

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Dental Hygiene

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Dental Medicine

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Robin Gatlin

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Justine Ponce

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Christine Nathe




Periodontal Pathogens, Pregnancy, Oral Health Education, Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes, Pregnancy Gingivitis

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