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Purpose: The purpose of this study was to determine the following: 1. What is the level of education in local anesthesia/pain control courses for dental hygiene programs in the United States. 2. Does the level of local anesthesia/pain control education have a direct correlation to the level of degree offered at its respective program? 3. Is there a need to develop a nationally recognized standard for local anesthesia/pain control courses in dental hygiene programs? Methods: A survey was sent via an online survey distributor to dental hygiene programs in the United States. The participants in this survey were either the main instructor for their programs local anesthesia/ pain control course, or for those whose program did not offer such a course in their curriculum the director of the program was the participant. Results: The results of this study suggest that the vast majority of instructors of local anesthesia/pain control courses, as well as the directors of dental hygiene programs of schools who do not offer such programs, both agree that the education of dental hygiene students in local anesthesia/pain control is very important. When comparing the percent of competency an injection is taught to in the clinical portion of a local anesthesia/ pain control course vs. the level of education the respective program offered, a direct correlation was not found. In fact, both associate and bachelor programs alike rated that the most common percentage that their courses require a student to reach was a 75-79% competency level. Discussion: It is the researcher's opinion, that the requirements for local anesthesia/ pain control education across the board should be standardized, as well increased, to a stricter level. This not only would help to increase the level of knowledge a dental hygiene student possesses upon licensure, but also raises the bar for dental hygiene as an established discipline.

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Dental Hygiene

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Dental Medicine

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Logothetis, Demetra

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Logothetis, Demetra

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Nathe, Christine

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Aboytes, Diana




Local Anesthesia, Dental Hygiene, Education

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