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Spring 5-15-2020


The purpose of this study was to learn which oral chemotherapeutic rinses dental hygiene educators cover within dental hygiene curriculum. A survey was created to include dental hygiene educators responsible for oral chemotherapeutic curriculum within dental hygiene programs. Participants were asked which oral chemotherapeutic agents they included within their curriculum, their knowledge regarding several oral chemotherapeutic agents and evidence based/ non evidence based oral chemotherapeutic agents. The survey was sent to 375 dental hygiene directors and 77 (20.5%) participated in the survey study. Upon survey completion, findings suggested that the majority of dental hygiene educators teach students how to determine if chemotherapeutic agents are evidence based (81.6%) and the majority of respondents also covered trending agents within their curriculum (57.9%). Lastly, findings suggested that 86.6% of respondents wanted more education regarding sodium hypochlorite. However, limitations present in this study could impact the statistical information received and how the results are interpreted and the survey formatting, small sample size and survey delivery method all need to be taken into consideration. Therefore, in future studies, it would be beneficial to obtain qualitative information regarding how dental hygiene instructors decide which chemotherapeutic rinses they include within their curriculum and why they choose certain products over others.

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Dental Hygiene

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Dental Medicine

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Christine Nathe

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Christina Calleros

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Lindsay Lee


oral, rinse, agent, chemotherapeutic, sodium hypochlorite

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