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Summer 7-6-2017



Study Design: A cross-sectional study design was conducted by emailing a survey to dental hygiene program directors nationwide.

Objective: Evaluate the integration of oil pulling curriculum among associate, bachelor’s, and masters programs.

Methods: A 10-question survey was delivered to dental hygiene program directors in the United States via an online survey tool, Survey Monkey.

Results: Oil pulling is taught in nine out of fifty-two schools that responded. Five of thirty-two associate programs are teaching oil pulling, three of fifteen bachelor’s programs are teaching oil pulling, and one out of five master programs is teaching oil pulling, the sample size reviled a p-value of 0.8778).

Conclusions: The survey shows teaching of oil pulling didactically in associate programs was (16.6%), bachelor’s (20%), and master programs (20%). More studies are needed as there was limited response to the survey and a comprehensive assessment on the extent in which oil pulling is taught in dental hygiene schools throughout the United States was unable to be significantly reached.

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Dental Hygiene

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Dental Medicine

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Diana Marie Aboytes, RDH MS

Second Committee Member

Christina Calleros, RDH MS

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Christine Nathe, RDH MS




Oil pulling, Essential oils, Periodontal Disease, directors, Prevalence, cross sectional Studies, Pilot Projects, Survey, holistic, and cultural competencies.

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