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Spring 4-17-2017


How Dental Hygiene Undergraduate Learning is Influenced by Educational Videos


This pilot experimental research study evaluated the efficacy of educational videos in comparison to traditional learning with print media and evaluated the student’s knowledge and retention of utilizing the periodontal screening and recording (PSR) method. The sample size consisted of 23 undergraduate students enrolled in their second year in a baccalaureate dental hygiene program. Participants were placed into two randomized groups, labeled Group A consisting of 12 students and Group B consisting of 11 students and evaluated with a 10 question pre test before exposure to the educational intervention, followed by a 10 question post test. Group A, n = 12, was exposed to a 5 minute educational video and the results showed a mean score difference of 0.467, df = 11, SD = 0.137, SEM (standard error of difference) = 0.040. Group B, n = 11, was exposed to traditional print media and the results showed a mean score difference of 0.473, df = 10, SD = 0.119, SEM = 0.036. By conventional criteria, the difference between the two groups is considered to be not statistically significant.

When comparing the results of the group exposed to the educational video to the group that learned via traditional print media, the lack of statistical difference in the student’s results indicates that the educational videos are just as effective as the print media when used as a learning tool. Future studies could provide a more thorough investigation including a larger sample size with various levels of students to help determine if the educational video method utilized in this pilot study shows a statistical improvement in student learning over traditional print media methods.

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Dental Hygiene

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Dental Medicine

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Diana Aboytes, RDH, MS

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Christine Nathe, RDH, MS

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Christina Calleros, RDH, MS




educational videos, print media, periodontal screening and recording method, pretest, posttest, comparison study

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