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Purpose: The aim of the study was to identify the Director of Nursing Homes (DONs) perception of oral care in New Mexico's Medicaid/ Medicare certified facilities on training, assessment and utilization of a dental hygienists as an adjunct nursing home staff member. Methods: Via convenience sample,73 DONs were sent an e-mailed survey. Results: With a 23% return rate, statistical analysis indicates a mean of .063, confidence interval (CI) of -.164 to .257, with an average p-value of .32. These findings indicate an indifference of opinions towards or against specific dental care and fail to reject the null hypothesis. 88.24% of subjects believe that residents need dental care. The majority believe the Minimum Data Set (MDS) is useful in identifying residents' oral care needs. Subjects reported that yearly 82.35% of residents receive dental exams by a dentist and 70.59% receive dental cleanings. The majority explained they would not hire a dental hygienist as a staff member, unless funding was present to do so. Almost 67% indicated that improvement in daily oral health care for residents is needed along with staff training, restorative and preventative dental care for residents. Conclusion: The DONs in New Mexico perceive oral care as an important health component for nursing residents. The MDS oral assessment is believed to be beneficial but a professional dental provider is preferred for assessment of oral needs. At this time funding does not allow for a staffed dental hygienists in all facilities.

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Dental Hygiene

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Dental Medicine

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Nathe, Christine

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Tatlock, Charles

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Fritz, Shelly




Director of Nursing Home (DON), Nursing Home, Geriatrics, Older Population, Minimum Data Set (MDS), Activity of Daily Living (ADL), Oral Care

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