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Graduate fellows for the Center for Southwest Research & Special Collections (CSWR) and Digital Initiatives & Scholarly Communication (DISC) for the 2021-2022 academic year present on their projects. The fellowships are sponsored by the Center for Regional Studies (CRS); the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation; the Rudolfo and Patricia Anaya Fund; and Dr. Shu Wong and Bill Jones. The presentations were divided into two days, April 13 and 14, 2022.

Day 1, Wednesday April 13, 2022:

Zonnie Gorman, Semper Fi: The Carl N Gorman and William Dean Wilson Collections

Joshua Heckman-Archibeque, Letters from the Chicano Movement

Jeannette Martinez, Creating the Buddy Mays Collection

Breanna Reiss, Dissertations and Cultural Sensitivity: A Selective Review of Graduate Work in the UNM Digital Repository

Valerio DiFonzo, Between Conservation and Misanthropy: Earth First! Ideas of Nature

Day 2, Thursday, April 14, 2022

Andrea Quijada, Expanding the Archive: Chinese Americans in New Mexico

Fatima del Angel Guevara, Curanderismo in Rudolfo Anaya's Work

Maya Lazzaro, Processing in the Underground of UNM's Library: Wedding Dresses, Scrapbooks and More

MAH00100.MP4 (396296 kB)
Joshua Heckman-Archibeque Video

MAH00101.MP4 (364598 kB)
Jeannette Martinez Video

MAH00102.MP4 (347054 kB)
Breanna Reiss Video

MAH00103.MP4 (393216 kB)
Valerio DiFonzo Video

GMT20220414-154012_Recording_1920x1080.mp4 (268679 kB)
Day 2 Video - Andrea Quijada, Fatima del Angel Guevara, Maya Lazzaro

GormanZ_A ZNM HIstorical Society 2022 2.pptx (101959 kB)
Zonnie Gorman Slides

Heckman_J Letters from the Chicano Movement.pptx (1150 kB)
Joshua Heckman-Archibeque Slides

Martinez_J CSWR Symposium Presentation.pptx (7959 kB)
Jeannette Martinez Slides

Reiss_B DISC presentation_spring 2022.pptx (6856 kB)
Breanna Reiss Slides

Di Fonzo_V Earth First Presentation April 2022.pptx (9271 kB)
Valerio DiFonzo Slides

Quijada_A CACA CSWR presentation.pptx (77839 kB)
Andrea Quijada Slides

Guevara_F Curanderismo in Rudolfo Anaya's work Symposium 2022.pptx (6965 kB)
Fatima del Angel Guevara Slides

Lazzaro_M VivianLewis.pptx (173852 kB)
Maya Lazzaro Slides

CSWR-Fellows-2022 (003).pdf (4231 kB)