Submissions from 2023

CRS Fellows Snapshot Event 2023, Lloyd L. Lee

Latinx Visions, Lysa Rivera, PhD

Restoration, Reparation, and the “Will to Archive”: A Case Study for Digital Archival Literacy in First-Year Writing and Chicana/o/x General Education Courses, Steven A. Romero

Submissions from 2022

Indigenous Cryptocurrencies and the Future of Tribal Economies, Milton Bluehouse Jr.

CRS Fellows Snapshot Event 2022, Lloyd L. Lee

BUILDING COMMUNITY RESILIENCE: From an Environmental Justice Lens, Asa B. Stone

Submissions from 2021

Enriqueta Vasquez Digital History Project, Theresa J. Córdova, PhD

“A pura pala” en la pandemia: On the Road from el llano to Big Bend and Beyond, Spencer R. Herrera

2020-2021 CRS Fellows' Snapshot Event, Lloyd L. Lee

Sanctuaryscapes in the New Mexico Borderlands, Aimee Villarreal

Submissions from 2020

La Canoa Legacy Talks - Nina Otero-Warren: New Mexican 20th Century Mujerota, Anna Nogar

La Canoa Legacy Talks - Past, Present, and Future: Mujeres Valerosas and the Hispanic Women’s Council, Carmen Samora and Vangie Samora

Submissions from 2019

La Canoa Legacy Talks - At the Intersection of Cultural Heritage and Climate Change: A Call to Action, Theresa Cárdenas

La Canoa Legacy Talks - Acequia Resolanas: Mutuality, Social Praxis and the New Mexico Acequia Movement in the New Millennia, David F. Garcia

La Canoa Legacy Talks - Giving Baque: On Hemispheric Indigeneities and the Southern Border of New Mexico, Gregorio Gonzales

La Canoa Legacy Talks - Los Hermanos Mayo: Photographing Emigration, John Mraz

La Canoa Legacy Talks - Environmental Policies, Planning, and Cultural Connections of Nuevo México, Rangel Valerie

La Canoa Legacy Talks - The Power and Place of the Apachería in Colonial New Mexico, Daniel Webb

Submissions from 2018

La Canoa Legacy Talks - The Nuclear Option: Perpetuating the Myth of New Mexico as Wasteland, Myrriah Gómez

La Canoa Legacy Talks - Patriots from the Barrio, Dave Gutierrez

Forging the Southwest, Anita Huizar-Hernández

La Canoa Legacy Talks - The Meaning of Place: Stories of Resilience, Theodore Jojola

La Canoa Legacy Talks - The Women of Local 890 and the Empire Mine Strike, Michelle Hall Kells

La Canoa Legacy Talks - Mulattos of Cochiti: Caste in Spanish New Mexico, Rob Martinez

Kara L. McCormack Lecture, Kara L. McCormack

La Canoa Legacy Talks - A Lie Halfway Around the World: The Carl Taylor Murder Case, A. Gabriel Meléndez

Reinterpreting Apache (Ndé) Identities in the Spanish Colonial Archives of New Mexico, Daniel Webb

Reinterpreting Apache (Ndé) Identities in the Spanish Colonial Archives of New Mexico, Daniel Webb