Submissions from 2022

Indigenous Cryptocurrencies and the Future of Tribal Economies, Milton Bluehouse Jr.

CRS Fellows Snapshot Event 2022, Lloyd L. Lee

BUILDING COMMUNITY RESILIENCE: From an Environmental Justice Lens, Asa B. Stone

Submissions from 2021

Enriqueta Vasquez Digital History Project, Theresa J. Córdova, PhD

“A pura pala” en la pandemia: On the Road from el llano to Big Bend and Beyond, Spencer R. Herrera

2020-2021 CRS Fellows' Snapshot Event, Lloyd L. Lee

Sanctuaryscapes in the New Mexico Borderlands, Aimee Villarreal

Submissions from 2020

La Canoa Legacy Talks - Nina Otero-Warren: New Mexican 20th Century Mujerota, Anna Nogar

La Canoa Legacy Talks - Past, Present, and Future: Mujeres Valerosas and the Hispanic Women’s Council, Carmen Samora and Vangie Samora

Submissions from 2019

La Canoa Legacy Talks - At the Intersection of Cultural Heritage and Climate Change: A Call to Action, Theresa Cárdenas

La Canoa Legacy Talks - Acequia Resolanas: Mutuality, Social Praxis and the New Mexico Acequia Movement in the New Millennia, David F. Garcia

La Canoa Legacy Talks - Giving Baque: On Hemispheric Indigeneities and the Southern Border of New Mexico, Gregorio Gonzales

La Canoa Legacy Talks - Los Hermanos Mayo: Photographing Emigration, John Mraz

La Canoa Legacy Talks - Environmental Policies, Planning, and Cultural Connections of Nuevo México, Rangel Valerie

La Canoa Legacy Talks - The Power and Place of the Apachería in Colonial New Mexico, Daniel Webb

Submissions from 2018

La Canoa Legacy Talks - The Nuclear Option: Perpetuating the Myth of New Mexico as Wasteland, Myrriah Gómez

La Canoa Legacy Talks - Patriots from the Barrio, Dave Gutierrez

Forging the Southwest, Anita Huizar-Hernández

La Canoa Legacy Talks - The Meaning of Place: Stories of Resilience, Theodore Jojola

La Canoa Legacy Talks - The Women of Local 890 and the Empire Mine Strike, Michelle Hall Kells

La Canoa Legacy Talks - Mulattos of Cochiti: Caste in Spanish New Mexico, Rob Martinez

La Canoa Legacy Talks - A Lie Halfway Around the World: The Carl Taylor Murder Case, A. Gabriel Meléndez

Reinterpreting Apache (Ndé) Identities in the Spanish Colonial Archives of New Mexico, Daniel Webb