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Summer 7-1-2019


This thesis investigated cancer prevention information (CPI) seeking among cancer patients and their caregivers. Interviews that were conducted in 2011 were analyzed thematically to deconstruct perceptions and sources of CPI among 47 participants. The thematic narrative analysis of the predominantly Hispanic, low-income and low-education sample revealed differences in CPI seeking related to ways cultural practices and socioeconomic status impact information seeking. The digital divide, Spanish language and perceived high cost presented barriers to information yet created opportunities for patients and family members to emerge as health champions to share information interpersonally and intergenerationally. Understanding CPI processes of racial and ethnic minority, low-income, and Spanish-speaking patients and family members is necessary to better meet the needs of these populations.




Information seeking, cancer prevention, interviews, qualitative

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Department of Communication and Journalism

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Tamar Ginossar

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David Weiss

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Ilia Rodriguez