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Summer 8-8-1952


Because of the importance of high specific activities of radioactive species considerable experimental work has been done on the preparation of "carrier-free" tracers. In surveying the literature on the preparation of carrier-free antimony only one method was found. The method reported involves the deuteron bombardment of tin; solution of the target in agua regia; addition of cadmium carrier; precipitation of the cadmium as the sulfide which carries antimony, using oxalate ion to complex the tin; solution to the sulfides of cadmium and antimony in concentrated hydrochloric acid; distillation of tin from cadmium and antimony contained in in perchloric acid with the gradual addition of concentrated hydrochloric acid; and finally, distillation of antimony with the addition of forty percent hydrobromic acid. Since deuteron bombardment is relatively inaccessible and requires special preparation of the target, and since the above procedure requires considerable time for the separation of antimony, it was decided to investigate possible methods of preparation of carrier-free antimony which would require only thermal neutron irradiation of the target and would be rapid.

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Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology

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