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The motivating factor for this investigation of the magnesium-hydrogen system was the recent interest in the hydride of beryllium. Although beryllium hydride has been prepared by the pyrolysis of di-t-butylberyllium, no evidence for the direct union of beryllium and hydrogen has been reported. It was thought that an examination of the reaction between magnesium and hydrogen and determination of the thermodynamic relations involved might have a bearing on this phenomenon. Also, the properties of magnesium hydride are interesting from an over-all periodic table viewpoint. The hydrides of beryllium and magnesium are usually considered to be intermediary between the saline, or ionic hydrides, and the metallic, or interstitial ones. It has been proposed that the structure of magnesium hydride might contain hydrogen bridges similar to those in the hydrides of boron and aluminium Although the physical properties have already been catalogued, this work has extended the data to higher pressures and temperatures.

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