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Cosmic Desert Art


The Cosmic Desert are the designs inspired by chile hallucinations, desert creatures, and the long weird neon nights in the Borderworld. Made with love on the banks of the Rio Grande.

My family is originally from Northern Mexico but I grew up in Northern New Mexico down river of both where Al Hurricane and Nuclear Annihilation were originally created. Amongst chollas, rattle snakes, and river willow, the imagining of New Mexico permeates the landscapes. The Cosmic Desert is inhabited lowriders, taco trucks, neon adobe bars, cholas, native peoples, immigrants, punk rockers and cowboys. Just beyond the darkness, our imagination takes the form of crying spectres, goat sucking monsters, evil spirits and alien conspiracies under the cloudless high desert Milky way. Our beautiful landscape becomes the stage in which I find weird and wonderful ways our imagination takes the better of us in the Southwest: which I call Borderworld.

Sagebrush Candypaint.jpg (662 kB)
Sagebrush and Candypaint

Finished Preview.jpg (1987 kB)
Buffalo Soldiers

Riders-in-the-sky.png (1038 kB)
Ghost Riders in the Sky

ChldrenGrave-01.jpg (2667 kB)

Bounty Hunter Chili Dog.jpg (1803 kB)
Space Cowbow Chile Cheese

Cosbat.jpg (1549 kB)
Leptonycteris Nivalis