Campos GWS. Reforma da reforma. Repensando a saúde . [Reform of the reform. Rethinking health.] São Paulo , Brazil : Editora Hucitec, 1987. 230 p.

Objectives: To analyze the organization of health services under Brazil ’s Unified Health System and the neo-liberal proposals developed in other Latin American countries, and to offer a proposal for reform.

Methodology: Analytical and interpretive.

Results: The author analyzes Brazil ’s Unified Health System, makes comparisons to processes carried out in other countries, examines planning and management problems within public services, and offers several theories with respect to these issues.

The author also provides a critical analysis of the neo-liberal approach to organizing and delivering healthcare, with an emphasis on research into work processes, the exercise of power within institutions, and the relationship between healthcare services and clients. In addition, the author likewise analyzes the projects, as well as the political and professional customs, of those who make up the neo-liberal bloc. On the basis of such analysis, the author describes the process of decentralization begun in Brazil as of 1987 and its later consequences for the model of care in public health.

The analysis concludes with a set of proposals for reformulating the organization of healthcare in the public sector, as well as methods for planning, management, and professional practice.

Conclusions: The book provides a critical analysis of neo-liberal models and proposes the reconstruction of public healthcare systems, from the viewpoints of management, planning, and healthcare practices.

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