González GN. Consideraciones acerca de la mortalidad infantil: el Estado de México en el contexto nacional 1980-1996. [Considerations concerning infant mortality: the State of Mexico in the national context, 1980-1996.] Salud Problema [Health – Problem] (Mexico City, Mexico) 1999 December; 4(7): 17-30.

Objectives: To reflect on the state of death as a social, rather than only demographic, phenomenon.

Methodology: Analytic and interpretive, using secondary mortality and economic data

Results:The article presents an analysis of mortality as a social phenomenon, a discussion of the limitations of measuring infant mortality, and a critical analysis of the linkage of mortality rate to development of a country or region. The author demonstrates that for the State of Mexico a lack of correspondence exists between favorable macroeconomic indicators, understood as the generation of the national gross domestic product, and the behavior that registers the infant mortality rate for the state of Mexico. In particular, the author relates the behavior of infant mortality in this state to that registered in other states with less importance in the generation of national wealth. The author suggests that it is necessary to institute studies that until now have been conducted with the intent of approaching a social understanding of death. For the construction of death as a social phenomenon, a reference to historical categories is necessary.

Conclusions: The article emphasizes the scarcity of studies in the state of Mexico that comprehend the phenomenon of death as a social act, and that shift away from the mechanical vision linking macroeconomic indicators with mortality indicators.

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