Sepúlveda J. Condiciones de vida y salud: algunas reflexiones sobre el abordaje teórico e intervención en la coyuntura . [Conditions of life and health: reflections on theoretical approach and practice in the current juncture.] Salud y Cambio [Health and Change] ( Santiago , Chile ) 1993; 4(11):40-48.

Objectives: To analyze theories and methods for developing systems to monitor health and living conditions. To evaluate the impact of the current crisis on these parameters. To orient social policy and health-related actions. To measure the effects of policy and actions in dealing with the problem of health and living conditions.

Methodology: Analytical and interpretive.

Results: Methodology supporting an explanatory theory of health and illness should facilitate establishment of a management information system with an epidemiological base for developing promotion and prevention initiatives. Such initiatives anticipate the active participation of the community. The health situation of workers and environmental problems should have a place in these initiatives, together with a concern for the health of the most vulnerable population groups. To move a proposal for healthcare reform forward – such as a strategy for primary care to assure an equitable, integrated health system – then planning for decentralization and democratization in healthcare management becomes a logical correlate of employing a methodology to monitor living and health conditions.

Conclusions: To establish an alternative project for social change requires an information system that includes the participation of users in its development and management. Such a system must proceed by including in its elements the expansion of equity, solidarity, autonomy, and social participation.

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