Malta DC, Ferreira L, dos Reis AT, Merhy E. Acolhimiento - uma reconfiguração do processo de trabalho em saúde usuário-centrada. [Embracement - a user-centered reconfiguration of work in health.] In: Campos CR, Malta DC, dos Reis AT, Dos Santos AF, Merhy EE. The Unified Health System in Belo Horizonte : Rewriting That Which is Public.] San Pablo , Brazil): Xamá Editora; 1998. Pages 121-142.

Objectives: To describe the process of constructing a new model of care in the public health network of Belo Horizonte , in order to improve access and the quality of service offered.

Methodology: Case study.Analytical and descriptive.

Results: The central points of the project described by the authors were the humanization of care and a commitment to the needs of users.

The concept created to develop this process was that of user embracement, which signifies a welcoming reception of those who present health problems and one that, establishes linkages and lines of responsibility for their health. For this process to occur, all personnel within the health system must place at the disposition of the user the full complex of available technological and non-technological options in order to resolve the problem. Resolution of the problem involves promoting health on both the individual and collective planes, and contributing to increased autonomy of the user with respect to the health system.

The authors detail the methodology and instruments used to develop the project. The key priority was monitoring infant mortality, which displayed significant social inequalities. Userembracementwas implemented by modifying work processes and routines, via a critical analysis carried out by all staff who worked in health centers (professionals and non-professionals).

The authors reflect on the mechanisms used to expand the project across the entire network of services, the advances that were made, the difficulties encountered, and the challenges yet to resolve.

Conclusions: User embracement became a powerful instrument for transforming work processes and routines, as well as the relationship between health teams and users.

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