Marinho MB. Entre o funcional e o lúdic a camisinha nas campanhas de prevenção da AIDS. [Between the functional and the playful: contraception in AIDS prevention campaigns.] Interface - Comunicação, Saúde, Educação [Interface - Communication, Health, Education] (Botucatu, São Paulo, Brazil) 2000 February; 6:97-107.

Objectives: To analyze obstructions to the use of contraceptives and to propose changes in educational campaigns for the prevention of AIDS.

Methodology: Analytical and interpretive.

Results: The author posits that certain marginal meanings about the use of contraceptives can produce obstacles to their use. Among these meanings, the authors view the association of contraceptives with infidelity and promiscuity as important among these meanings. In addition, these meanings are strongly linked with the model of sexual behavior found generally in the west, namely monogamy. Such associations in this dominant model of sexual behavior produce obstacles in contraceptive use.

Campaigns designed to promote the use of contraceptives can attain greater effectiveness by diluting the “negative” images arising from these meanings. This strategy can be pursued by associating contraceptives with pleasure and security via messages that convey a sense of playfulness.

Conclusions: Awareness of the need to use contraceptives does not imply their generalized use. Educational campaigns must offer incentives to change this situation by developing a positive image for the use of contraceptives.

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