Duarte JS. Avanços e desafios do SUS: o papel do município e da academia. [Advances and challenges of the SUS (Unified Health System): the role of the municipality and academia.] Saúde e Sociedade [Health and Society] ( São Paulo , Brazil ) 2002 January-July; 11(1):37-52.

Objectives: To analyze the advances made by the Unified Health System (SUS) and the coordination that is needed between the management of public policies and academe.

Methodology: Analytical and interpretive.

Results: The author asserts that from the conceptual point of view, Brazil has attained an advanced health system. This system was established in opposition to the country’s economic system, which held a neoliberal orientation.

The SUS is a public system, consolidated legally by the 1988 Constitution and subsequent laws implementing it. The author, who works as Health Secretary of the Municipality of Marília in São Paulo , calls attention also to problems of financing. This analysis emphasizes the importance of collaboration between those involved in management and members of academia, especially concerning the evaluation of management.

Conclusions: The author notes the advances since the installation of the SUS and highlights the contributions that researchers, based in universities, can make.

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