Belmartino S, Bloch C. Desregulación/ privatización: la relación entre financiación y provisión de servicios en la reforma de la seguridad social médica en Argentina . [Deregulation/ privatization: the relationship between the financing and provision of services in the reform of medical social security in Argentina .] Cuadernos Médicos Sociales [Medical-Social Notebooks] ( Rosario , Argentina ) 1998 May; 73:61-79.

Objectives: To analyze the process of reforming medical social security in Argentina , in light of international experiences.

Methodology: Analytical and interpretive.

Results: The academic, political, and technical debates of recent years have been dominated by the issue of medical care reform in countries in both the center and on the periphery. One of the principal worries about decisions for reform concerns the feasibility and advantages of establishing new relationships between the financing and provision of services, as well as the innovations that will make such linkages more efficient and suited to the needs of the population.

In Argentina , this debate about doctrines and experiences has carried little repercussion. First, the role played by the state in directing change has placed a strong emphasis on the deregulation of financial institutions. This orientation obscures the relationship between financiers and direct providers, which is the domain where the most significant changes have taken place. Second, the debate has been shaped in strongly ideological terms, pitting the state against the market, group solidarity against individual responsibility, and public interest against private interest.

Conclusions: The analysis of alternatives for reforming the health sector in Argentina has been reductionist and generally has ignored international experience.

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