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As the first goal of this thesis, we will explain a general purpose parallel particle dynamics code (pdQ2). We describe the re-architecting of pdQ (the MD/PD code that was developed in [Sakhavand 2011]) as pdQ2. pdQ2 is completely non-domain-specific in that user files are clearly separated from non-user files and no #ifdefs exist in the code. Thus, it operates as a particle simulation engine that is capable of executing any parallel particle dynamics model. As in the original pdQ, users can customize their own physical models without having to deal with complexities such as parallelization, but the ease of extensibility has been significantly improved. It is shown that pdQ2 is about four times as fast as pdQ using parallel supercomputers. In the second part of the thesis, we will model reinforced concrete structures based on peridynamic theory [Silling 1998]. We discard the continuum mechanics paradigm completely, and model reinforced concrete by introducing the micropolar peridynamic lattice model (MPLM)'. The MPLM models a structure as a close-packed particle lattice. In the MPLM, rather than viewing the structure as collection of truss or beam elements (as with traditional lattice models), the model is viewed as collection of particle masses (as with peridynamic models). The MPLM uses a finite number of equally-spaced interacting particles of finite mass. Thus, it does not need any ad hoc discretization and it is more straightforward to implement computationally. Also, the MPLM is conceptually simpler than both the lattice and peridynamic models [Gerstle et al. 2012]. After defining the MPLM, its application to reinforced concrete structures is investigated through several examples using pdQ2.'


Dynamics of a particle--Computer simulation, Reinforced concrete--Fracture--Computer simulation, Micropolar elasticity--Computer simulation, Lattice theory, Deformations (Mechanics)--Computer simulation.

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Civil Engineering

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Civil Engineering

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Gerstle, Walter H.

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Atlas, Susan R.

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Silling, Stewart A.

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Maji, Arup K.