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Kelly Montoya

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The purpose of this study is to align the pavement distress data of the state of New Mexicos pavement management system with that of the federal highway system, the Highway Performance Monitoring System (HPMS), while concurrently reducing variability, increasing data consistency, and providing a greater quantity of specific data items to be considered in pavement preservation and keeping costs under control. The distress rating codes used by NMDOT in reporting severity and extent do not readily correlate to the data required in the HPMS system. To form a usable data set for both NMDOT's PMS and the federal HPMS, an entirely new distress data collection protocol has been written and field tested. The three levels of testing include interrater agreement and interrater reliability across the 'old' protocol, the 'new' protocol, and actual field measurements to judge the accuracy of both old and new methods. By doing this, the accuracy and validity of the pavement distress surveys are expected to increase. The objectivity and integrity of the NMDOT distress rating criteria for flexible pavements should also be increased through a revision of the old criteria.'


pavement, distress, management, evaluations, manual, survey


New Mexico Department of Transportation

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Construction Management

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Civil Engineering

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Halter, Susan Bogus

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