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The strength of most materials is affected by the rate of application of the load and concrete is no exception. However, the effect of a varying rate of loading on the compressive strength of concrete has not been too fully investigated. This effect is one of the problems covered in this paper. The first investigation along these lines was done in 1917 by Duff Abrams of the Structural Materials Research Laboratory, Lewis Institute, Chicago. In 1936, Paul G. Jones and F. E. Richart, working at the University of Illinois Engineering Experiment Station, reported the result of their experiments of the effect of speed loading on both the compressive strength and the stress-strain relationship of plain concrete. The most recent work, and perhaps the most complete, was done by D. Watstein in 1953. A review of the data published by the above named and other investigators was presented at the fifty-eighth annual meeting of A.S.T.M in 1955. The review was presented by Douglas McHenry and J. J. Shideler. They concluded that additional work in this field was needed.

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