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The objective of this thesis is to present a program for the collection of basic hydrologic data for the state of New Mexico. It is an expansion of the existing program which currently becomes more inadequate with the progressively extensive use of the water resources of the state. The need for hydrologic data for planning and operation of water use and control structures far exceeds that obtained by the existing program.

Types of data reported upon are climatological, stream flow, ground water, quality of water, suspended sediment, snow cover and reservoir, valley and channel sedimentation. For the purposes presented herein the individual programs are listed by the five larger drainage basins within the state. These are the Rio Grande, the Pecos, the Canadian, the Gila and the San Juan rivers.

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Civil Engineering

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José Eleazar Martinez

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William Chauncey Wagner


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Water Resources Developments in New Mexico

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Precipitation Stations in New Mexico

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River and Reservoir Stations in New Mexico

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Ground Water Investigations in New Mexico

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