Civil Engineering ETDs


Karl V. Morin

Publication Date

Spring 5-26-1953


The first purpose of this thesis is to frame an enabling act that could be submitted to legislature for adoption. Such an act would authorize the use of plane coordinate system, but not make it mandatory. Twenty-four states have passed laws establishing state coordinate systems.

A second purpose of this thesis is to provide practicing engineers with all the necessary information and explanatory material in one manuscript to permit them to apply the system to their work. An example is worked out in detail using local points known to local men and fully explained step by step.

In addition to the above, a method has been developed for extending triangulation control stations over moderate distances by plane coordinates without the use of involved geodetic computations.


Plane Coordinate, Geodetic Surveying, Triangulation Stations, Bernalillo County, New Mexico

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Civil Engineering

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Civil Engineering

First Committee Member (Chair)

Marvin C. May

Second Committee Member

William C. Wagner

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Ray S. Foss

Plate 1 New Mexico Coordinate System.jpg (9993 kB)
New Mexico Coordinate System

Plate 2 Control Extension.jpg (25047 kB)
Control Extension