This research spotlights Nuevomexicana/o identity as expressed in murals produced by New Mexican artists during the Chicana and Chicano Mural Movement of the 1970s. Extant research focuses on Chicana/o murals in other regions mainly in California and Texas, and New Mexico has been understudied in the literature. This study analyzes murals and interviews with New Mexico artists to explore how these artists portrayed their identity and conveyed their social and political expression through their thematic content. A dialectical analysis was conducted using a mixed method approach. A statistical analysis determined the frequency and distribution of distinct themes. The findings showed that in murals Nuevomexicana/o artists connected their identity to land, indigeneity, and mestizaje with a special connection to the Pueblo peoples. Importantly, this study corrects an academic omission by highlighting the significance of Nuevomexicana/o murals in the development and expansion of the Chicana/o Mural Movement.



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Master of Arts (MA)

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Dr. Irene Vasquez

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Dr. Jose Luis Serrano-Najera

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Dr. Stephanie Sanchez

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Dr. Adan Avalos


Nuevomexicana/o, Chicana/o Muralism, Identity, Chicano Mural Movement