Chemical and Biological Engineering ETDs

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Spring 5-12-2019


With all its complexities and different biofunctionalities, a cell is the basic structural and functional unit of all living organisms with the exception of viruses. In this dissertation, I demonstrated gain of function strategies of modifying mammalian cells using silicification and modular nanoparticle (NP) exoskeletons. In addition, I used a modular design concept to build a multifunctional artificial RBC system which can mimic the unique characteristics (e.g. shape, flexibility, the ability to carry oxygen, and long circulation times) of the native RBCs. Together, these cell modification or artificial cell construction strategies are expected to generate new mammalian cell-like structures with potential applications in biosensor, bioreactors and cell based therapy developments, as well as providing new platforms for carrying out cell biology studies.

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Chemical Engineering

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Chemical and Biological Engineering

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C. Jeffrey Brinker

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Bryan Kaehr

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Nick J. Carroll

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Eva Chi

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Atul N. Parikh