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Umbanda ceremony in honor of Iemanjá in Rio de Janeiro (RJ). There are no figures, but Afro-Brazilian cults have been growing in Brazil and it would be wrong to assume that they appeal only to low income black or mulatto classes. Intellectuals, politicians, singers, actors and professionals of all ethnic backgrounds can be found participating in these cults.Cerimónia de umbanda em honra à Iemanjá no Rio de Janeiro (RJ). Nilo há estimativas, mas os cultos afro-brasileiros têm crescido no Brasil. Seria erróneo pressupor-se que os terreiros de umbanda atraem somente negros e mulatos de baixa renda. Intelectuais, políticos, cantores e atares e profissionais de todas as raças e classes participam destes cultos em todo país.


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Brazil: Ethnicity and Population