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Black truck driver lighting a cigarette in Salvador (BA). It is estimated that some three and a half million slaves were brought to Brazil from Africa during 1550-1850, who gradually substituted Indian labor on the sugar estates. In addition the coastal regions of the Northeast and the Southeast, numerous blacks and mulattos can be found in central Minas Gerais, where African slaves were forced to work in the gold 8 mines, and in the interior of the states São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, where during the Nineteenth century they worked on the coffee plantations.Motorista de caminhilo negro acendendo um cigarro. E estimado que entre 3.5 milhões de escravos foram trazidos da Africa para o Brasil durante os anos de 1500-1850, os quais gradualmente substituíram os índios nos trabalhos dos engenhos de açúcar.


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Brazil: Ethnicity and Population